From the recording Slow Ride

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I'm Coming Back To You (tempo= 80 shuffle)

(C) I'm coming back to (A7)you,
(Dm) It's been a long time since I (G7) saw you,
(E7) You haven't changed and still (Am7) looking good,
(Dm7) you're the big heart of your (G7) neighborhood

(C) I'm coming back to (A7) you,
(Dm) You're still the one that I (G7) once knew,
(E7) Always wearing this (Am7) pretty smile,
(Dm7) That I have missed for such a (G7) long while,
(G7) (F#7) (F7)

(Em7) Years have passed and (A7) changed our lives,
(F#7) Cut the cord with a (Bm7) big knife,
(G7) I went my way and (Bm7) left you behind,
(G7) And it didn't seem to (A7) trouble my mind
(Em7) But now I know that (A7) I was wrong,
(F#7) I should have stayed where (Bm7) I belonged,
(G7) With my heart and soul, (Bm7) close to you,
(Dm7) Tears in my eyes I'm coming (G7) back to you.

Solo: (C) (A7) (Dm) (G7) (E7) (Am7) (Dm7) (G7)

(C) I'm coming back to (A7) you,
(Dm) A taxi cab 's waiting for (G7) you,
(E7) I keep some Champagne (Am7) nice and cool,
(Dm7) I know that I am (G7) such a fool,

(C) I'm coming back to (A7) you...
(Dm) (G7)
(E7) (Am7)
(Dm7) (G7)