1. Summer Is Over

From the recording From the Roots

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Summer is over (Tempo = 72 Shuffle)

(Gm7) Summer is over, (Cm7) The last boats are leaving
(Gm7) Out of the water, (Cm7) before the cold is coming,
(Dm7) Folding the sails, (Cm7) before the winter,
(Dm7) Fun time is gone now, (Cm7) Summer is
(Gm7) over, (Cm7) Summer is (Gm7) over (Cm7)

(Gm7) Comes September, (Cm7) the last sunny days,
(Gm7) Before trees change color, (Cm7) and the sky turns gray
(Dm7) The River Queen is now resting (Cm7) under her cover,
(Dm7) The tourists have all disappeared, (Cm7) Summer is (Gm7) over. (Cm7) Summer is (Gm7) over (Cm7)

(Gm7) Students leaving their jobs (Cm7) to go back to school,
(Gm7) Campers folding the tents (Cm7) the nights are getting cool,
(Dm7) Time to hang up the bicycles (Cm7) for the long winter,
(Dm7) Time to store them back in the garage, (Cm7) Summer is (Gm7) over. (Cm7) Summer is (Gm7) over (Cm7)


(Gm7) You're going back home, (Cm7) in your warm country,
(Gm7) Remember these words, (Cm7) far away from me,
(Dm7) The words we shared, (cm7) the two of us together,
(Dm7) I hear your voice saying, (Cm7) Summer is
(Gm7) over. (Cm7) Summer is (Gm7) over (Cm7)